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Blackmans Bay Motors
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On this page you’ll find the team members who will be assisting you with your enquiries and working on your vehicle.



Rod Glanville

Rod is the co-owner and is responsible for admin and business development. Rod is passionate about ensuring Blackmans Bay Motors remains at the forefront of the latest technology and continues to provide its loyal customers with professional and friendly service. He is also a fully qualified motor mechanic and spends some days working in the workshop.


Robert Jenkyns

Robert is the manager of the business and is responsible for ensuring the high standards of service that have become a tradition at Blackmans Bay Motors continue. He has also completed the Bosch diagnostic technician programme and is a highly skilled technician.


Ben Kremer

Ben is a fully qualified mechanic with many years’ experience in a leading Hobart dealership. Ben has also completed the Bosch Diagnostic Technician Program. He is the workshop foreman and makes sure the high standards of workmanship continue.


Scott Culliford

Scott joined Blackmans Bay Motors in 2018 when Autorad Radiators was incorporated into the business. Scott has over 18 years’ experience repairing and servicing radiators. He is always happy to advise of the best option for your radiator, either to complete a high-quality repair or supply a brand-new radiator.


Loran Algie

Loran is the newest member of Blackmans Bay Motors. He joined in 2019 and is a fully qualified motor mechanic with a fierce attitude to learn and become a high-grade technician. Loran has commenced the Bosch diagnostic technician programme.


Maggie Navickas

Maggie joined Blackmans Bay Motors in 2020 as our new Customer Service Manager. Maggie comes from a hospitality background which gave her a great grounding in providing fantastic customer service. She is looking forward to bringing some fresh ideas to her role.


James Eastley

James joined the team in 2020 he is a fully qualified technician with a passion for diagnostics. He brings the experience of spending the past few years as the main Jeep technician at the local Jeep dealership. James will be embarking on the Bosch Diagnostic Technician training programme in 2021.


Scott Turnbull

Scott is the other co-owner and also a fully qualified diesel/motor mechanic with many years experience in the automotive field. Scott doesn’t spend a lot of time in the business today but drops in occasionally to ensure the business is still operating in the happy efficient way he helped set up.